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I enjoy examining the arts and the human experience from new and challenging perspectives. Surface level sucks. Think deep. Ask questions. Good writing is about creating conversations.

B.A. in Writing, Literature, & Publishing with a minor in Music Appreciation from Emerson College.

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Out October 15, 2019 via Mango Publishing. Available on Amazon and at bookstores everywhere.


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A Look at the History of the Emo and Indie Music Era

Explore the cultural, social, and psychological factors surrounding the genres. Though songs can be timeless, music is often a result of the era in which it was created. Emo rock music, like punk before it, carries an emotional tone that has resonated on a deeper level with listeners. Originally appealing to a small selection of music lovers, these genres of rock now hold a significant place in music history.

The relationship between music and mental health. Music leaves its mark on the world through touching the hearts and minds of its creators and listeners. Whether it’s the lyrics or the melody, the instruments or the voice, the connection we make with music is unparalleled in terms of cultural unifiers. This book explores that connection and takes a look at what these genres of music did for the mental health of musicians and listeners.

Hear from the music legends themselves about what defines this era. The voices of the artists who contributed to these genres of music are just as important now as they were then. Author Taylor Markarian includes both her own interviews with bands and those from outside sources to provide an oral history and offer an authentic portrayal of this underground era to readers.

Markarian’s book offers a comprehensive look into genres of music that have been simultaneously mocked and admired. Discover in From the Basement:

  • The beauty and legitimacy of the gritty, wailing music that evolved into indie, alternative, and emo
  • Insights from conversations with favorite emo/indie bands of the time
  • The impact these genres have had on today’s pop culture and mental health

If books such as Please Kill Me, American Hardcore, Meet Me in the Bathroom, and Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs have rocked your world, then From the Basement should be your next read.


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