Taylor Markarian

I enjoy examining the arts and the human experience from new and challenging perspectives. Surface level sucks. Think deep. Ask questions. Good writing is about creating conversations.

B.A. in Writing, Literature, & Publishing with a minor in Music Appreciation from Emerson College.

Lifestyle - Music - Arts - Travel - Culture

Graphic design work I have done for various companies, products and promotions for social media and ad space. Includes stock photography and personal photography. All design concepts are original.

Wild Hibiscus Flower Co. Ad - Supermarket Italy
Supermarket Italy Facebook Banner Shipping
Supermarket Italy Thanksgiving Banner 2019
Supermarket Italy Panettone Banner 2019
San Pellegrino Blood Orange Sparkling (Supermarket Italy)
Beauty Promo SMItaly for Facebook
Beauty Promo SMItaly for Instagram
Giani Calogiuri (Supermarket Italy)
Espresso Day Promo for SMItaly Instagram
Gifts for Her (Supermarket Italy)
If You Care Brand Promo (Supermarket Italy)
Shrimp & Asparagus Food Photography (Supermarket Italy)
Bittermilk Pinterest Promo (Supermarket Italy)
Bittermilk Pinterest Promo 2 (Supermarket Italy)
Gifts for Him Pin (Supermarket Italy)
Cranberry Cocktails Pin (Supermarket Italy)
Holiday Cocktails Pin (Supermarket Italy)
Scrappy's Bitters Promo Supermarket Italy